Monday, May 24, 2004

Movies 8 raises price to 75 cents

Movies 8, the "dollar theatre," had a deal for years where people could get in for only 50 cents. A few weeks ago they raised their price to 75 cents.

I heard about this when I went to go to a show with Rachel and saw a huge sign out front saying that Tuesdays now cost $0.75.

I also overheard a group of people talking, or rather, complaining about how the movies were "too expensive" now. Too expensive? Gimme a break! It costs over $4 to rent a movie from Blockbuster and watch it on your little 19" TV with a 1 inch speaker - so why on earth would anyone think that $.75 (or regular price of $1.50) to see something on the big screen is too much?

I just can't understand it. Rachel and I have a ton of 2-for-1 tickets to the "regular" theatre, so we actually only see the new movies now. I'm loving it.