Monday, May 19, 2003

20 million people show up for laser tag

Last weekend was awesome. Friday night I went on a huge group date with Rachel. We set up Ruth with an old roommate of mine, Mark Feriante - who happens to be the executive secretary of the new ward that I recently moved into at Belmont. It was good to see him again. I lived with him for about 6-7 weeks and I know him to be a quality guy, so I set him up with Ruth.

Friday was my Dad's birthday and I had my family over to my place and we ordered KFC. Everyone had kids so they all had to leave at like 8:00, so after that we had a group over and we played charades and made sundaes. Rachel picked out this ice cream from the Creamery on 9th called Earnestly Chocolate. Very good.

We went to play laser tag at Laser Assault after that ... which brings up a funny story. I wanted to get a small group (about 10 couples) together to have a good game of laser tag, so I told Rachel to invite her roommates and a few other couples. Somehow, in the process, her roommate took this invitation to mean "invite everyone that you have ever known, know now, and will one-day know ... especially your ENTIRE WARD."

So as I walked in with my group at about 10:55, for our 11:00 game, I looked around and saw a huge group that filled the entire place. I panicked. Stuart Bevard, the Laser Assault manager, was all pissed. He said that this huge group was here and that they were all saying that they were going to play for free since they "know the twins."

I was very, very embarrassed. Here I was, trying to get a small group of friends in for free, and before you know it, an entire ward shows up trying to ride off of my generousity. To make a long story short, Stuart still made them pay only $2.50/person instead of the usual $8.00/person. That was incredibly nice of him to do that.

Yesterday my cousin, Amy Waasdorp, just got back from her mission to Brazil Porto Alegre South (same mission as me!) and had her "homecoming." It was neat to see her. She speaks some awesome portuguese - I was impressed.

My sister, Lisa, gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy - Dayton Hugh Fowler - on Saturday and we got to go visit her yesterday. He is SO small. He has skinny, little legs and his face looks just like his older brother, Brandon.

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