Saturday, May 31, 2003

Adam has had his car broken into like 10 times

My friend, Adam, has had his car broken into like 10 times. It's amazing how often it happens. I used to live at Somerst with him and his car was parked right across the way from mine - both of them in an underground garage. Mine was never touched, and his was always violated.

I remember one time when he came out into his car and found the door slightly open and, upon further inspection, found a pack of cigarettes in the back seat. (Note: Adam does not smoke and doesn't have any friends that smoke)

This was absolutely hilarious because the man was busting into Adam's car trying to steal whatever loose change or valuable items he may have, and then he lost his own cigarettes. I guess you could say that, in effect, Adam robbed him!

The man can't even hang on to his own stuff!

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