Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Best spot in town

I was looking for some pictures of cars today on Google and I came across a picture of a car that had one bumper on a boat and the other bumper on the dock! How did that happen!?

For the last few minutes I've been trying to think of scenarios of how the car could end up like that, but I honestly can't come up with a good explanation. I thought the photo was interesting enough to post a blog about it. I'm absolutely baffled.

Rachel is taking her last final today. She came over yesterday after I got home from work and studied all through the night until I dropped her off at school this morning. Poor girl must be so tired. She's been really stressed with school, it'll be nice to have a summer break - starting tonight!

I was going to go to Wisconsin with Rachel next Monday for a business trip for Banta, but they called the trip off - or at least postponed it until later this fall, which pretty much means it's not going to happen. It would have been nice to go there, but I guess this is a good thing because now we'll have more money to go visit Bob at his new place in downtown Manhatten later this summer.

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