Thursday, June 05, 2003

Birthday Blues

I've never been a huge fan of birthdays. I mean, the parties are always fun and it's nice to have a special day for your friends or yourself once a year, but the stress is way too high.

I heard one time that the suicide level goes up during the Christmas holiday because of the stress. I think birthdays are just like that for me - but without the killing yourself part.

It's difficult to know what to get people. I never know what they want and I leave it until the very last minute so I always have to end up spending more because I don't have time to put "thought" into my gift.

Rachel and her twin, Ruth, have their birthday next Monday. That's why the subject is on my mind. Maybe I'll stop by the store on the way home from work on Monday and get something for them. :)

The other funny thing about birthdays is that they are embarrassing for me. Like, I'm embarrassed for the person who is getting all of the attention. They have to pretend that they like all of the presents they are opening! That's a tough act. But every once and a while you have one of those friends that just speaks their mind and makes negative comments about all of the presents. I actually like going to those parties more because I know the birthday-ee is comfortable ... so I am, too.

I think that birthday parties are perfect for little kids. But we should stop doing them once we turn 18. From then on, a birthday party should just be everyone taking you out to dinner and covering the tab.

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