Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Can't go to lunch

Some days I wait until the last possible second to go to lunch - this is one of those days. Even though I'm hungry I keep working so I can finish "one more thing" - which usually ends up being about 10 more things. So I don't end up going until about 2:00. Now that I'm totally starving, I just went to lunch but found that the road was shut down and I can't go anywhere.

I work at the Banta facility located way on the edge of Spanish Fork, just before you go into the canyon going towards Manti. The only way to get back into the city from here is via Highway 6.

This huge 18-wheeler semi got into an accident and the truck twisted and slid just so it covered all 4 lanes - in other words, the police shut down the road and we're all trapped out here!

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