Monday, July 21, 2003

Cell phones in the workplace

I think that we've all gone nuts with the cell phones. I see people walking around with these things everywhere. A common cell phone etiquette problem is leaving it behind in a public place when you step away for a minute. This happens quite often here at Banta in the corporate offices.

Usually someone will step out for a second to use the bathroom or get some lunch, and they will leave their cell phone sitting on their desk. The problem is, if it starts to go off then what is everyone supposed to do? You can't answer someone else's cell phone, that just seems wrong. It feels like you're reading their mail or something. Either way, it has the appearance of an invasion of privacy.

But, at the same time, you don't want to just let the phone sit there and ring. Cell phones tend to have the most annoying rings imaginable. They are loud and penetrating ... just awful. So the phone starts going off in the middle of the office and everyone just sits there looking at each other all awkward-like, not knowing what to do.

Another common problem I've noticed is DWC. It's kind of like DUI, but it's Driving-With-Cellular. On the way to and from work I see cars swerving back and forth like they are drunk. I see cars slamming on brakes, accidents, upset people ... when I get a closer look I see that the driver has a cell phone and it explains everything.

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