Tuesday, June 10, 2003

A Decent Proposal

I was talking with Mousley today about getting married. He and I are both very excited about the idea. Well, we better be. We're both going to be 25 really soon. I think it's about time.

His woman is on a mission right now and will be back next spring. When he was younger he made a pact with his friends so that they would regulate if he hadn't gotten married by the time he was 26.

wolfman nevers: i told all my friends years ago that if I was 26 and not married, I commanded them to come run me over with their cars
wolfman nevers: lol...so i have to do it before july 27 or i'll have like 20 people trying to run me over
wolfman nevers: i'll have 3 months to live after jenette gets home if I don't marry her

I have July 27, 2004 down in my calendar. Seems like it might be kind of fun to run Mousley over.

Speaking of marriage, Rachel's brother has August 22 down for my wedding to Rachel. As of August 23, I will be 25 years old and, according to Brigham Young, a menace to society since I would be 25 and unmarried. Hhhmmmmm ... the 22nd is a Friday, that might work out. :-) We'll see.

UPDATE: We actually did get married on Aug 23, 2003. Her brother (James Bartlett) was very close!

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