Saturday, June 14, 2003

Do you want to pay a little, a lot, or a ton?

I think it's very funny how many companies base their pricing on who is buying from them. It is amazing to me that they can get away with this. Dell, At&t, and Qwest are a few good examples of this. Before they will ever tell you a price, you first have to state whether you are purchasing for home, small business, or large business.

When you select one of these three, they are essentially asking you how much you want to pay. For example, "Are you buying for a home, small business, or large business?" can be translated to "Do you want to pay a little, a lot, or a ton?"

As an insider's tip from a business owner, always select "home." Not only will you get a lower price to begin with, but special promotions and sales are always going on, and you may suddenly get 10 percent off or free shipping on something you would buy anyway. A large business would never get any deals like that.

I should talk to the IT department at Banta about switching over to the home category. I can see it now - one day Dell calls Banta up asking how our 12,000 home computers are working out for us, haha.

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