Friday, March 12, 2004

Does anyone want any cheeeeeese?

Today I was remembering my first programming job where Evan Child and Ryan Nichols hired me as an entry level JSP Developer for $10/hr at Outdoorsman. (Which has been out of business several years now) I miss Evan - he was a really cool guy and that was a really fun job.

We had a large room that was divvied up between 5 guys - Evan Childs, Jason Chambers, Gary Sheppard, James Finnigan, and me. Each of us had our own foldup table and computer. It was the life!

I recall Evan telling us on numerous occasions how much he liked cheese. He'd bring several pieces of string cheese to work everyday and take cheese breaks.

Evan now works at BYU. Jason is at eRentPayer. Gary is working for some software company. Finnigan was never heard from again.

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