Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Drink Big, Win Gas

I went to Taco Bell today to get one of those "Stuft Burritos." I wonder why they didn't spell "stuffed" right. Maybe they were so full from eating them all day that the extra effort to write a "FED" at the end was just too much. Or maybe Taco Bell is trying to appeal to the youthful Internet Generation that never types anything out. (e.g. brb, wtf, asap, ttyl, ^^)

I noticed that the drink that I got with the combo had one of those peel sweepstake thingies on the side. I never win anything. It wasn't even worth my time to check. But then I thought - well, why not. Peeeeeeeeel. WINNER! I won something! I think that is the first time I have ever won anything in my entire life. I looked down and read the text. "YOU WIN REGULAR NACHOS" Aw man, that sucks. If you just go in and get nachos you'd have to buy other stuff, too. By giving out free nachos they are only guaranteeing return customers.

I also looked on to see how many of these suckers they were giving out. I then saw that I was actually super unspecial because there are almost 2 MILLION free nachos given out. (

It's also hilarious what their theme is for the giveaway. DRINK BIG WIN GAS. I think that anyone who goes to Taco Bell will go away with gas. So you don't have to really win anything to get that. :)

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