Wednesday, May 14, 2003


Today I was recalling one time when I pulled out of the driveway and drove all the way to school with the emergency brake on unknowingly. At the time, I had a Ford Escort. The car felt a little sluggish and I could tell something was wrong, but I had to get to school and so I just figured I'd live with it and then figure out what was wrong afterwards. As I pulled into the lot to park, I noticed that the parking brake lever was still up and instantly knew what the problem was.

What does that say about the emergency brake? Usually people are going 75 mph on the freeway before they even realize it's still on. But how is that the car even goes with the brake on?

Yesterday I tried to back out of my parking spot with my Acura and the car would even budge. I looked down and saw the the lever was up. I gasped in disbelief. Acura makes parking brakes that work! Once again I'm thoroughly pleased with Acura's automobiles.

For other makes of cars, they might as well call it the emergency-make-your-car-smell-funny-lever, because that's all it does.

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