Monday, July 07, 2003

ERP, Hive, and SmartFBO

This last week has been huge. Many things have happened. eRentPayer made it's first month of payments go through, and it was so successful and profitable that we bought a new office in Las Vegas (see attached picture). It's a great facility. Very new, very modern, very comfortable. It should help us gain respect and attract skilled employees.

The Hive is all but out of business. My other partners like the idea of staying open until the end of August. However, that would only make enough money to pay for maybe one more PC. So, if you think about it, it doesn't really make sense. Staying open one more month means that between the four of us, we need to work 264 hours to make a few hundred dollars. We'd essentially be making about $2-3 per hour. Now that is impressive. I'm all for closing the thing up before we need to pay lease next - July 14. Which means that, if they agree, we may be moving out and liquidating this weekend. It is somewhat of a drastic thing to do, but all of the owners agree that The Hive uses up so much of our time and doesn't make enough money to make it worth it - it's for the best to move on with our lives.

Another drama involves an old salesman, Kyle, that tried to sell some software for me last year called SmartFBO. SmartFBO is sold to private hangers at airports to help schedule their aircraft and keep their pilots' records. At the time, our relationship with Kyle looked good. It seemed as though he would be able to do his job effectively and that we'd be around him long-term. However, after about a month or two he had no success and gave up. The bad part about this is that I helped Kyle purchase a laptop that he supposedly needed to do demos with the owners. So now, the bills are starting to pile up at my door and where is Kyle?

He was introduced to us by a mutual friend, Mark. I called Mark to get Kyle's info and he was very shady about the whole thing. He now refuses to give me Kyle's info and whenever I need to talk to Kyle, Mark calls and then relates the message back to me. I have acquired Kyle's phone number, but he never answers it anymore because he's afraid it might be me. I did talk with him last Thursday and he said that he'd give me some money that day, but then he stopped answering his phone for the next few hours and then he just turned it off - so it went straight to voice mail. I have promises from both Kyle and Mark that this whole deal will be settled today. Either Kyle will pay for the laptop in full (he now owes about $2700 due to late fees piling up) or he'll just give the laptop to me and we'll let Jason use it for eRentPayer. I hope he is willing to comply and doesn't run again!

By the way, I was totally kidding about eRentPayer buying an office in LV.

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