Thursday, September 04, 2003

Family Home Dating

In the LDS Church there is a program recommended to its members called Family Home Evening. Essentially every family is supposed to take Monday evening off from other activities and stay at home and share a spiritual message and activity together. It promises to bring the family closer together and invite happiness into the home.

There is a flaw with this program. Because the leaders of the church asked everyone in the world to participate in FHE (Family Home Evening) this blanket invitation also included college students and all single adults alike.

I look back at my FHEs when I was a single and rarely did any of them ever have any spiritual uplifting going on. For the most part, people simply would not go. And for the remaining people who actually did show up, it was only to see who was there and possibly get to know someone so you could ask them out. I like to refer to it as "Family Home Dating."

Of the three elements contained in the name we only got one of them. 1 - Family. We are at college ... the people at that meeting are not my family. 2 - Home. It's just an apartment that I'm renting out for the semester ... it's definitely not my home. 3 - Evening. Well, it is usually at night. We gotta give them at least that.

I personally took advantage of Family Home Dating while I was single. I think that I got about half of my dates from it. I like the concept of getting together once a week as friends to do something ... but it definitely shouldn't be affiliated with FHE.

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