Monday, September 15, 2003

Fees returned

Please consider this blog an addendum to "Utah Crappy Crap Union" that was posted on Friday, Sep 5, 2003. At that point I was overwhelmed and upset with my bank because of an excessive amount of overlimit and overdraft fees. To be more precise, $125 of banking fees.

I was all sad about this and then Jason told me that if the bank gives you fees all you have to do is ask for the money back and they'll give it to you. I didn't believe him. I thought that the bank would be spineless if they did that. But I am here today to tell you that it is true. The secret is to find a friendly employee that looks nice. I went to the Spanish Fork branch and they simply said "no" - which surprised me because they are usually the nice ones. On the way to my parents' house I tried Pleasant Grove.

The guy at Pleasant Grove gave me the $40 overdraft fees back right on the spot. Then he had me fill out a form for the $85 overlimit fees and they were just returned to me this morning. Needless to say, I'm a happy camper now. For proof, see below:

09/12/2003 Deposit REIMBERSE NSF FEE Checking $40.00
09/15/2003 Cr Crd Pmt REFUND OVERLIMIT FEES Cr Crd Payment $85.00

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