Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Fun size? This isn't fun! This sucks!

I've always wondered how candy manufacturers get away with calling their smaller candy bars FUN. I think that is absolutely a fundamental wrong of the 20th Century. A small Snickers isn't more fun! If you ask me, the fun-size should be like 4 inches wide and a foot long. Now that's what I call a "fun" candy bar!

I've had this idea for a long time but I've never expressed it to the public until now. I remember thinking about this when I was trick-or-treating many years ago. People would give me these tiny little candy bars, which was totally cheap - my friends and I always knew where the "good" houses were that would give us normal size junk - and I remember feeling jipped.

Looking at the wrapper I'd see that it said that the bar was supposed to be fun. Fun size? This isn't fun! This sucks!

So much has happened since my last entry. The biggest event was the business plan presentations. We had the opportunity to present in front of 9 VCs that represented more than $4 billion. The pressure was high. We did an excellent presentation, but in the end we were not chosen as finalists in both the BYU competition and the UE Challenge. We lost out to our direct competitor who advanced to the finals in both competitions. My best guess as to why he won, and we didn't, is because he seemed to have a more experienced management team and a more scalable marketing division. In the end, we only spent about $1000 (which will be offset by semi-finalist prizes) and we learned a lot from this experience. I'm glad we participated.

Rachel took me over to her aunt's house for dinner on Sunday with her family. It was cool to get to meet everyone. I'd already met most of them in the previous two weeks, but I was glad to be able to sit down and talk to everyone.

For the last two weeks I've been working anywhere from 12 - 18 hours a day. It has absolutely been out of control. There is so much to do for eRentPayer that it just takes man hours to complete. I'm glad Jason and I really set up a good architecture that is easy to expand and modify without having to go back and change things in 1000 places. I've been impressed again and again with how scalable our code has been.

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