Sunday, June 15, 2003

Globe Monitors and Backwards TP

One of my pet peeves is backwards toilet paper. It's amazing to me how little people care about this. I mean, you're sitting on the toilet, and you look over to get some paper and you go to roll it the normal way ... then didn't ya know, the thing is on backwards! Aaarrrgggh, who put the toilet paper on backwards?

I will usually take it off for the lazy person who can't take the 5 seconds to put it on the right way in the first place to help them out.

But I think it's very important for all of us to do our best to make this a backwards-TP-free world. We can rise above this if we work together.

Another pet peeve of mine is what I call "globe monitors." They are the computer monitors that are so round and curvy that it seems like you have to lean back and forth to see each side of the screen! Nowadays, you can get a flat CRT monitor for only a few bucks more than a globe monitor. It's definitely worth it.

One last pet peeve is the 3-for-1 ads at the grocery store. When you see a bin at the grocery store full of a product and there is a huge sign saything 3 for $1.00, that doesn't mean that you need to buy 3 items to get the deal. So many people are tricked into this. Pretty much, all it means is that the item costs $0.33. So don't feel pressured to buy "3," just get as many as you need!

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