Sunday, May 11, 2003

The great n-man tent scandal

I was talking about camping today with Bob and the subject of tents came up. He's about to go on a 3 day hiking and camping trip with two other guys. He mentioned that they have a 3 man tent and was concerned about how much space they might have.

As a young man I'd go camping a lot with the Scouts and I clearly recall that those tent ratings are completely inaccurate. There is no way that 3 men could fit into a 3 man tent. 3-man, in all actuality, means 2-men-and-their-gear.

So, for Bobby going on this trip, I hope his friends are actually bringing a 4 man, which would then accomodate the 3 men and their gear. If not - poor guy.

I'm not really sure how the manufacturers can get away with such a scam. I guess that most people who use their tents can probably just leave all of their gear in the car, which is about 5 feet from the tent, anyway. So it's no big deal. But some of us really like to go camping and that rating is entirely misleading.

So if by 3-man, they mean a father and two sons, then I'll give them that. Or maybe 3 kids, or they mean a man and his girl, and her twin, then yes - I'll agree. But not three men!

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