Wednesday, May 07, 2003

He's a double checker

There are three types of people in this world. Those who can count, and those who can't.

Haha. I was thinking about this today and it led me to categorize people a bit more. I truly belive that there are three types of people in this world. Namely:

1. No Checkers
2. Checkers
3. Double Checkers

Please note - When I say checker, I don't mean the girls at the grocery store.

No checkers are the type of people who really just don't care. They are very laid back, relaxed, love to enjoy life (or hate life), and don't really care about the consequences of possibly making a decision that may cause more work or trouble for someone else. Essentially, you assign them a task or make a request, and they just go do whatever they think might be right.

No checkers are also people who don't want to do any work for themselves. If a question pops into their head they immediately pick up the phone and call someone else to ask them, when they are perfectly capable of thinking about it themselves for a few seconds or popping open a window on the computer to lookup the info. All in all, no checkers are very annoying and we could all do without them.

Checkers are what I tag as normal people. I believe that the majority of the United States Citizens are checkers. If they understand, they don't ask. If they don't understand, then they'll proceed to find out more or clarify their uncertainty.

Double checkers are people who need confirmation of everything. Even if they know it's right, they still need to ask you just to make sure. e.g. "Hello. Please fill out this form and then give it back to me." -- "So, you just want me to fill out this form and give it back to you?" -- "Yes, please fill it out and then give it back to me." -- "Ok, I'll just fill it out and then I'll give it back to you, is that ok?" Double Checkers are also people who talk in circles. You can talk to a Double Checker for 30 minutes and only talk about three things, because they keep talking about the same thing and reiterating their feelings about the issue.

The worst is when people are combo No Checkers and Double Checkers. It's as if they have bipolarus checkus. I know several people in each category. It's actually quite a sensitive thing, you can't just approach someone and tell them they are a Double Checker. You have to go about it in a polite manner. Otherwise it turns in to "Oh hey, you're entire personality and way of life is wrong and stupid." One of these days I'll figure out how to help the less fortunate checkers.

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