Monday, May 12, 2003

He's talented. Oh, he plays piano?

I was noticing the other day that over the last month or so my blog has turned into an o-log, rather than a b-log. O for observations. It's pretty much just a list of things in life that I find interesting or funny. Over the next while I'll try and mingle in more personal things to get back to the purpose of the blog.

I was talking the other day with Rachel about talents. I noticed that the first thing that comes to mind (a Mormon mind) when you mention that someone has a talent is piano. For some reason, the entire world of collective talents has all boiled down to the ability to play piano.

By the way, Rach's twin, Ruth, was just called to be the Relief Society's pianist, so she is obviously very talented.

I just think it's funny that there are millions and millions of talents out there, and when someone mentions the word - everyone thinks piano first.

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