Tuesday, December 30, 2003

High Speed Chase at 50 mph

Today I remembered something funny that we saw when driving south on I-15 this August. Way off in front of us we could see flashing police lights and it looked like the police had pulled somebody over.

As we got closer we could see that the lights were actually moving - but unusually they were going slower than traffic. The police officer was driving behind an old brown van that looked like it could break down at any moment - or at least fall completely apart from structural integrity failure due to rust. The cop lady was driving behind him with her lights flashing and siren on. They couldn't have been going faster than 50 mph.

All of the cars were hesitantly passing the officer and the old van, not wanting to get involved in a police chase. As we passed the van it looked like some old guy was behind the wheel. I'm not even sure he noticed that the officer was trying to pull him over, or he was doing a really good job of not caring. We tried to signal to him and point at the police car but he wouldn't look over. We were scared that he was crazy or something so we got out of there after a few seconds.

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