Monday, May 05, 2003

Hive T-shirts are a hit

The Hive's popularity is spreading in Utah Valley, even all the way up to Lehi. When we opened The Hive in December we were extremely optimistic. Our pro forma looked outstanding and it seemed impossible to not make money. January, February, and March kicked our butts, though. It was very depressing for all four of the owners.

Then came along April and now May. Things have picked up a lot. It seems that spring break and summer time are the answer to our business' dilemma.

One good form of advertising we've found is T-Shirts. A lot of businesses don't have the coolness factor that its clientele would go around wearing a shirt bearing its logo. For example, I wouldn't go around wearing a Macey's or Wal-mart shirt. However, The Hive seems to have a niche. Apparently, it's very cool to have a Hive shirt at the high schools.

Adam received this message from a student in Lehi: "[SOB]Weevil: (11:43 AM) kids wearing HIVE T Shirts all over the place man, haha" He went on to say that kids are seen wearing Hive shirts at the schools, the malls, all the way up in Lehi, in Provo, etc.

"Your logo was pure genius...people love to wear the shirts" - WolfmanNevers

One thing that Adam and I think is pretty funny is how people put on their T-Shirt to come to The Hive. It has almost become a status symbol. Some of our regular customers wear them every time they come in!

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