Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Hooking up means no work

Last summer we had an intern named Steve. He came to the office about twice or thrice a week. He did some really good work getting us started on bug testing and technical writing for a user's manual.

Then one day he stopped coming. We didn't see him for a few weeks and we started inquiring for his whereabouts. Turns out that is was the classic story - he got a girlfriend and forget all other assets of his life. What is more important, after all, than hooking up?

Two months passed and one evening we were sitting in the office chatting and suddenly Steve walked through the door! "Yeah! Steve is back!" we all exclaimed. We asked why he suddenly decided to show up. "We broke up" is all he needed to say. The rest was understood.

After another week he disappeared again. Apparently she decided to take him back. To this day we haven't seen him at work and they are now boyfriend and girlfriend. I'm both happy and sad for the fellow.

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