Wednesday, March 05, 2003

I am going to puke and die

Whenever I stay up really late, and thusly suffer from lack of sleep, I feel really, really sick for about 24-48 hours. Right now that's how I feel. I was up all night working on the eRentPayer and Hive business plans, and two nights ago we were up until 5 a.m. working on them as well. I haven't slept for a long time!

I think it's really funny when you're so tired that you start looking for anywhere to lie down. Right now, sitting here in my office, I'm looking at the hard cement floor with only a thin layer of carpet, and it looks SO comfortable. I could honestly just lie down on the hard floor and fall asleep right now. I've always wanted to just sleep under my desk. I wonder what someone would do if they walked by and saw me. Would they wake me up? I would think not. But then again, they would probably wake me up and ask if I was okay.

My mom tells me that when I was a little kid I would always fall asleep in strange places. She found me sleeping on the stairs (with my chin up on a stair), on a storage shelf, and in the fire-log holder, to name a few. I think that I should carry on the tradition and sleep on my office floor right now, using only my phone as a pillow.

I also think it's odd that I feel sick right now. I remember in high school whenever I would stay up late, studying for a test or whatever, I would be fine the next day. But then the next would be awful. For about the last year or so it hasn't been like that anymore. Whenever I stay up late I always feel like I am going to puke and die immediately. I guess that when you turn 24 you lose your one-day grace period. And why is it that the longer your body stays awake, the more prone it is to throwing up? How is it that me staying awake induces that?

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