Thursday, July 29, 2004

I got my towed car back for free

Last time I was booted I was really angry and Jason and I did some research on the Provo City Code to see how we could fight back against tow companies legally. Well, it paid off.

Ruth went into the MTC last week so she gave us her car to take care of for the next 18 months. Black Diamond Towing took her car last week from right in front of our house because it didn't have a pass in the window.

I checked out their sign, as seen in the picture. and it is illegal. It is required to have the name, phone, and location that they are taking the car when they tow. The sign does not have the location. I called the Provo Police and Officer Wotcott called the owner of Black Diamond and explained to him that it was illegal. (It really helps when you call the police and site specific sections and paragraphs and remind them that it is their duty to enforce this code)

The owner called us up and said "Just come get your car." We went over there, they opened the gate, and let us drive away without any mention of a fee. I've checked around town and I've actually never seen a legal tow sign. Which means that you can pretty much get your car back for free anytime. However, you have to have a cooperative police officer. Some of them have heard these complaints and are sick of it. Call Provo Dispatch and ask for Officer Wotcott.

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