Saturday, May 03, 2003

I have the only bathroom fan in existence that works

This morning my roommate, Bob, was taking a shower and noted something very interesting. After he was done there was no sign of fogginess on the mirror. How could this be? Was he taking a cold shower? He went on to explain that the shower was very hot and that the bathroom fan must have somehow sucked up all steam from the shower.

Because of my past experience with bathroom fans my initial reaction was to laugh at his comment. Bathroom fans don't actually "work," they just make noise so your roommates and friends can't hear what you're doing while you're in the bathroom.

But this special fan, installed by the builders of Belmont only three years ago, is very different. This fan has the sucking power of - well, I don't know ... It just does a great job.

After Bob left I decided to do a little test of my own. I closed the bathroom door and closed the window next to the shower to eliminate all outside factors and turned the water temperature way up. Sure enough, upon completion of the shower, the mirror had zero fog. Kudos to the makers of the Belmont bathroom fans.

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