Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Jimmy Rowell's great police chase

Jason is going on a huge, week-long backpacking trip this week, so I took him to the airport very early this morning. I don't think I've gotten up that early since I was a kid. I've felt like I am going to puke all day long.

As I was pulling off of the freeway and entering into airport property there was a white SUV pulled over to the side of the road. I was following three cars and going the same speed as all of them so I thought nothing of it. Jason said it was a cop, and I was like "no way."

After about 15 seconds I saw the lights in my rear-view mirror. Oh crap. He pulled us over and asked for license and registration. He informed me that I was doing 63 in a 55. I told him I was just going with the flow. I hear that you're never supposed to say that to a cop, but for some reason when you are put on the spot it just comes out. I couldn't help it.

He ran my plates and was checking the VIN number of my car. Apparently, there was more to this stoppage than a speeding violation. But what was the problem? After a few minutes he came back and thanked me for the time. He kept saying "man" over and over. I think that when he saw that I was young it helped him to relax and he started talking like a surfer. "Here's your license, man. Thanks for you time, man. Sorry, man. There was a car stolen just like this one earlier, man."

So that was it. They thought that I had a stolen car - lucky for me. The whole time I was just upset because my insurance rates drop when I turn 25 (in one month) and I didn't want another ticket to ruin my rates! I've been pulled over three times in the last two years. I was speeding all three times but only got a ticket once. On that one instance, I was going really fast on the freeway and really deserved it. The other two times they thought that I had assaulted someone and had stolen my vehicle. There must be a lot of kids out there driving red Hondas and Acuras that commit crime.

Anyway, thank you Salt Lake City Airport Police for not giving me a ticket! I'll never speed in your airport again!!!

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