Tuesday, March 23, 2004

La Jolla Dues and Blues

The condo association for La Jolla has decided to do some construction that is going to cost the assocication and all of its owners an arm and a leg.

That's 4 bucks per owner ($4000) due April 1. The only problem is - I don't necessary have $4000 just sitting around for me to throw into this construction and it's due in a week.

Real Estate was a great investment for me 1-3 years ago, but recently it has really become a problem. I gotta get rid of these two condos (La Jolla and Belmont) and get rid of them fast.

I'm not the only one over there trying to sell my place to pay for this stupid assessment. I went to La Jolla last week to fix a leaky dishwasher and there are 5 "for sale" signs out front.

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