Wednesday, June 11, 2003

New Baby!

The new baby arrived over the weekend. My sister, Louise, and her husband, Fred, moved to Italy while she was 7-8 months pregnant. It was a bit scary for Louise because that meant they had to rush around and find a hospital with a doctor that spoke good English, since she doesn't speak Italian. Seems like everything turned out great in the end, though.

Fred, after having been up for 48 hours, gave us some quick information before getting a few hours of sleep: "Lauren Elizabeth Rio arrived in Bologna [Italy] last night at 1:02am after a long but fairly uneventful (depends on who you ask) delivery. She weighs 3355g (7.4 lbs) and measures 49cm (19.3 inches)."

Sounds like a good, healthy baby to me. My mom and dad are going to Italy next week to help the new mother out - and I'm sure they'll do some site-seeing while they are there, haha. Best of wishes to the new parents!

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