Monday, January 12, 2004

New Primary Calling

So I got a new calling at my church. I'm working with the kids now in the Primary. For the last few weeks I was subbing for my friend and his wife, Larry and Krista Furr, while they were out of town for the holidays. We taught the 5 year olds for sunday school.

I'm not sure if they remember one thing we told them because the boys were too busy climbing on their chairs and the girls were playing with their dresses and necklaces. All they want is candy and their mommy, but nonetheless they were really fun to work with. The general rule is - if all else fails, just have them color. I wish you could do that when teaching a group of adults!

But now I am with the 11 year old boys. I was surprised at how smart they are. They were reading right out of their scriptures and new pretty much all of the answers to our questions. I have a ton of funny stories from the primary - I'll add them in later.

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