Saturday, August 02, 2003

New World Closet - The Laundry Machine

I think it has been a week now. How did I make it this far? I did my laundry last weekend. It is now Saturday night. Every day after I get out of the shower I go to the dryer to get my clothes for the day. It makes for a good place for extra storage, not to mention I completely avoid the hassle of folding clothes and putting them away.

The other funny part is this - when was the last time anybody else in my house did laundry? I don't recall anybody using the machine for about two weeks before me, which means both Stewart and Brady haven't done laundry for almost a month. I'll discount Jason from this roster of no-launderers since he was on vacation and most likely did laundry right when he got home.

I, by no means, am the one who can point fingers. I once went about 2 months without washing anything. Every time I ran out of clothes I just went shopping and bought more. Seemed to work for a while, but it was getting really expensive.

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