Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Nice suit. Thanks

Did you ever notice the spelling of Men's Wearhouse? It's a name that we see a lot. In Provo, every time we drive up University Parkway to get onto the freeway we drive by it. Also, they have a ton of TV commercials. I've known about them ever since I was a kid, but I never noticed their spelling.

Wearhouse, not warehouse. You can even go to www.menswarehouse.com and it forwards you to www.menswearhouse.com. I guess there were enough people out there who thought that it was some sort of warehouse or something.

I went there yesterday to buy a suit. An old friend, Jason Titze, is getting married this Saturday at the Nauvoo temple and I figured that was a good excuse to go out and spend a few bucks on a suit. After all, I've been wearing the same one since my mission (until recently when I gave it away to my uncle to take and give to a missionary in Brasil that needed it)

I was very pleased with my experience there. I walked in the door and I was king for 30 minutes - until I had to pay. The sales representatives there are very knowledgeable about their products. My suit looks great! I can't wait to WARE it.

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