Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Official Photograph

We got our engagment photos taken last Saturday. Sharon, took the pictures and they turned out great. We found out about the Provo-photographers' secret spot for engagement shots. It's behind the mental hospital on center street.

If you drive in past it there is a hill and there is a little castle type thing there with an ampitheatre. Everyone who takes engagement photos around here has the rocks in the background. We tried to avoid them, but after taking about 50 pictures, the one with the rocks turned out the best! Oh well.

I took the digital picture (added a white border and touched it up, of course) to wal-mart and they had 375 pictures printed out in under 30 minutes for me! INCREDIBLE. Now I guess I'm going to spend the next day or two stuffing invitations and cards and licking envelopes. I hope I got the non-toxic kind.

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