Thursday, June 19, 2003

Old people pull in too far

I have noticed that the older people get, the closer thay park to the curb - or rather, they pull in until their tires hit and the front end of the car covers half of the sidewalk. I'm not sure exactly why at this point, but you can tell how old someone is by the way they park.

Old men especially. They just keep pulling in until the car hits the curb and the tire is smashed up against it and deformed. Then, anyone coming down the sidewalk has to walk around their car because it is sticking over so far!

Look at the picture I've attached for example. The red Acura (notice the new wheels, yesss!) is my car. It is the parking job of a 25 year old. People in their 20s leave a few inches before the curb so that they won't be in the way of other people, and perhaps even more, so people won't touch their car.

The BMW next to my car belongs to an older guy. Notice how he is pulled in so far that the tire is bent around the curb, and that his car covers a good chunk of the walkway. The van next to him, as well, belongs to an older lady with two kids. She always pulls in until she feels the bump. Luckily, her car doesn't have a huge front end in front of the tires.

As I get older I will try to keep this in mind. I'm not sure if this is just something that happens with age or if it's just the way their generation learned to park. I guess I'll have to wait about 20-30 years to really know for sure.

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