Thursday, October 09, 2003

Olive Garden unlocks doors

eRentPayer's success can be attributed to many things, but it all boils down to one thing in the end - Olive Garden Gift Certificates. I'll tell you how.

When you make a deal with another company (a merchant provider, an ACH processor, a constantly discontent client, a referral crazy client, etc) you need a way to ease things over and/or show them your gratitude. Something to juice them up before you ask for a favor.

For example - (Sept 5) our agent with our processor receives a letter from eRentPayer saying how grateful we are and how much we love working with them. (Sept 6) our agent receives a fax requesting millions of dollars for a new limit. (Sept 7) our funding approval is received without delay and has a "PS Thanks for the Olive Garden Gift Certificate. I'll put it to good use!" attached to it.

Disgruntled clients also love it when they get these things in the mail. It seems to make all their problems go away. It's the perfect gift because it is a national chain. Any city has an Olive Garden. And everyone loves Olive Garden - they just don't go there all of the time because it is expensive. So when eRentPayer sends them there, they just love us.

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