Wednesday, April 02, 2003

One of my theories is that people are chatting via FAX

Two nights ago a friendly customer at The Hive gave us an extra fax machine and printer that he wasn't using anymore. I'm still not sure exactly why he gave us that stuff, but - hey, we'll take it.

I'm glad we have a fax machine now. This means we'll finally be able to be real business men. You see, if you want to earn the title of "business man," you have to fax at least 2-3 things per day.

Have you ever noticed this? Business men are always faxing stuff. Here at the office there is a constant line at the fax machine. The thing is, nobody knows who everyone else is faxing to. I think that the whole faxing-stuff-out is just a big charade.

Seriously, who are business men faxing stuff to all the time? I've worked here for about 2 years now and I'd say that, on average, I use the fax machine about once per week. But I honestly can't even remember one person that I've ever faxed anything to. This phenomenon is known as the fax black hole.

One of my theories is that people are chatting via fax. You'd think that most people would have switched over to AOL, ICQ, or MSN Messenger by now, but I guess people like to stick with what they know.

I'm glad that The Hive finally has a fax. Adam, Dave, Rich, and I are now officially BUSINESS MEN. Welcome, to the world of business. Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go send a fax ...

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