Friday, September 05, 2003

Over and under the limit in one day

I've had some recent, bad experiences with UCCU. It's not totally their fault, but nonetheless you always have to blame the bank.

On our honeymoon, Rachel and I put hotels, dinners, and other minor expenses on my Visa with UCCU. I knew that my balance was close to my limit but I didn't know how close because I was out of state and had no way to check. When I got back in town I looked online and saw that my balance was OVER my limit and that I had been charged a $68.00 "overlimit fee."

Okay, where the crap did they get the number 68 to charge me. Sounds like some teller just pulled that out of her crack. Anyway, it turns out that there is a $17 per transaction-over-the-limit fee. BUT WHY WAS THE BANK AUTHORIZING TRANSACTIONS OVER THE LIMIT!?!?!? What is the purpose of a limit if the bank is going to authorize anything ANYWAY?

So I emptied out my savings account and put all of that money into Rachel's personal account so we could have money to buy our new house. Then I transferred everything except $100 from my checking to the credit card. Within 30 minutes after doing that my stock broker took $200 from my checking account (auto-withdrawal program for savings) and the bank charged me $20 for overdraft fee and then another Visa transaction came through from Sprindale, UT that put my Visa over the limit again and the bank charged me ANOTHER $17 fee. Needless to say, things are a little crazy right now.

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