Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Pay as much as you want at the drive thru

So I just got back from going to Taco Bell for lunch. They told me over the intercom that it was going to be $4.79. I pulled all of the money out of my pocket and saw that I had a measly 10 bucks. I started rummaging through my car for extra change and realized that my ash try was full of coins.

My ash try is amazing. I've been buying stuff at drive thrus for about a week now with this change and the coin level hasn't gone down one bit. I think that I could retire off of my ash tray.

Drive thrus generally have somewhat long lines at lunch time, so when I handed the guy a hand full of nickels and told him it was $4.79 on the dot he just took it and through it in the register. This made me think. You could pretty much pay as much as you want to at the drive thru. No employee getting paid 5 bucks an hour is going to sit there and count nickels while there is a huge line of cars full of hungry people. I could have given the guy 2 dollars in nickels and he would have never known. Not that I would ever do it, but you could pretty much pay whatever amount you want to as long as you pay in small coins.

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