Sunday, August 17, 2003

Perks Gone Wild

Banta has recently been giving out these coupons for Carls Jr. One of them is stupid - "free fried zucchini with purchase of ... " Uuuuhhh, zucchini? Are they serious?

Another is pretty cool. "Free Six Dollar Burger with purchase of ..." Now that sounds good to me. But I always that it was weird that the six dollar burger doesn't cost six dollars. It's kind of like 5 buck pizza costing over 10 bucks. Why did they name it 5 buck pizza if NOTHING on their menu actually costs $5.00?

The last offer was the only good one on the coupon sheet. "Free Western Bacon Cheeseburger ..." Holy crap that thing was good. I went and got another one from HR today so that I could go have another one for lunch. Maybe I can convince them to just give me a whole stack of them.

All these coupons got me thinking. It's very funny that Banta gives these out to employees. I mean, they pay all of use well over $50,000/yr. What kind of perk is a free cheeseburger? Doesn't everyone here make enough to buy a cheeseburger every 2 minutes?

UPDATE: It's amazing how things change as you get older. I'm re-reading this post on 20 Feb 2007 and the zucchini actually sounds really good!

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