Tuesday, October 07, 2003


I think it's funny how women like to have tons of pillows on the bed and couches. You ask them what they are for and they don't really have a good answer.

Some people say they are decorative pillows. But why are we decorating our bed with 2 millions pillows when we are the only ones that ever see it? It takes half an hour to get ready for bed - 5 minutes to get ready and 25 minutes to remove the pillows.

Sometimes when I go to visit friends I try to sit on their couch and I end up with about half an inch for me to sit on because the pillows are pushing me off. I have to turn around and move the pillows but there really isn't a good place to put them. You can't put them on the floor - that would be rude. I can't put them next to me because someone else is trying to sit there. So I end up piling them up in my lap until I can't even see anyone anymore.

I think one or two pillows is okay. But having a whole stack of pillows on the bed and couch is just out of control.

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