Friday, September 05, 2003

Pledge of Michael Jackson

My school only said the Pledge of Allegiance until I was in 2nd grade. Why did they stop? Because we made up our own inappropriate words and ruined its image.

There have been some recent debates in the news about legislation to make the Pledge of Allegiance illegal or unconstitutional in the United States. Certain people didn't think it was appropriate for children to be forced or pressured to say the pledge when they went to elementary school. At my school when I was a child, this wasn't even an issue.

I remember going out to the swing set during recess and chanting these words with my friends:

I pledge allegiance to the flag
Michael Jackson is a fag

We would keep yelling that over and over until the recess lady would blow her whistle at us and send us back inside. A few kids said that when everyone was saying the pledge to the flag and so Mrs. Lawrence, the principal, just called off the whole thing.

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