Tuesday, June 10, 2003

The Roof Restaurant

Doug Shaw, one of my co-workers, died about an hour ago. The office is really quiet today. Usually people are joking and laughing really loud. But today everyone is just walking around doing their work and saying very little. It's a strange feeling being here.

Doug was a nice, old guy. It was his time to go, so this is not a horrible tragedy. But he was someone who said hi to me almost every day and always had something kind to say. We'll miss having him around the office.

Now for something completely different - yesterday was Rachel's birthday. Her and I dressed up all nice and went to The Roof Restaurant on the top floor of the Joseph Smith Building. It was outstanding! The food was so perfect. The window sits right over the Salt Lake Temple and the sun sets right behind it. It was breathtaking to look out the window and see the sun disappearing behind the temple spires. All in all, it made for the perfect night and Rachel was so happy.

Afterwards, we went downstairs to watch Testaments on the 70mm screen they have down there. We both left the theatre crying! We hadn't seen it for years, so it was a very good experience. On the way back to the car we went and walked around temple square for a bit and talked. I am amazed at the architecture of their fountains. How did they make something that big be SO FLAT? Any slight variation would throw the whole thing off. It was neat to stand at the edge of the water and see the reflection of the temple.

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