Thursday, April 08, 2004

Shoe stuck in the tree

Our new office has a sand volleyball court - very nice. We went down to play on Friday and someone hit the ball really high and it got stuck in a huge tree next to the court.

We tried to shake the tree - but that was like trying to shake a brick wall. Doesn't work very well. We started chucking shoes and that seemed to work the best - until Jason's shoe got stuck by the shoelace right next to the ball.

Luckily, Jeehae was there and she had shoes that were heavy enough and that didn't have shoelaces. I was able to hit the volleyball down but that shoe was stuck.

Jason left the shoe and went out of town for the weekend. When he got back on Sunday to go fetch his shoe it was gone. I'm not quite sure why someone would steal his shoe on the top of a tree.

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