Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Sneaking food into movies

Movie theatres charge WAY too much for concessions. Some people say that popcorn, soda, and candy are the only sources of revenue for movie theatres. While I know this isn't true because I worked at a movie theatre for a year and a half, charging $60 for a large coke and $39.95 for a small popcorn sure don't hurt.

This is why I feel fine about taking food to the movie theatre with me. Do the people that set these prices not realize how much stuff costs everywhere else in the world? When we go to the movies, we just run across the road to ShopKo and spend $4 on penny candy and get more than we could possibly eat. $4 at the movie's stand would get me a water and a pickle.

Nobody, in the history of the world, has ever been caught sneaking food into the theatre. While in high school, my friend Jason and I snuck in everything from McDonalds, to Taco Bell, to a whole PIZZA into the movies. The ticket guys are just minimum wage high school kids that couldn't care less.

"Even my most half-hearted attempts have been successful. I am pretty sure I could balance an overflowing basket of candy on my head like an Indian woman bearing goods to the market and no one would notice." - AmishRobot

When I was the ticket guy in Iowa City I remember seeing people walk by me with the strangest lumps in their pants, huge square-shaped bellies, large pointy hats, and awkward fragile bags making plastic crinkling sounds and ice-shaking sounds. The people would be looking at me with concern in their eyes that I wouldn't let them in. The truth is - ushers DON'T CARE unless their manager is standing right next to them.

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