Monday, August 18, 2003

Steal money from your mom electronically

eRentPayer is proud to announce a new feature. Now, with eRentPayer's bleeding edge technology, you can steal money from your mom without the hassle of stealing money from her purse. With ERP's advanced features, you can debit the money directly from her account and do a direct deposit into your personal account. Stealing money from a purse is so 90s, get with the times and sign on to eRentPayer today.


The reason I say this is because this actually happened last week. Some guy in Orem had an agreement with his mom that he would pay half of his rent and that she would pay the other half. She logged on, put in her account information, made her payment, and logged off. Then, the very next day he logged on, and noticed that in the pull-down of accounts associated with his login he saw his mother's bank account information. So, rather than typing in his own account and making the payment like he agreed to, he just stole the money from his mom by making the payment from her account!

Finally, somebody put eRentPayer to some good use. hahaha. We are now adding some new features to associate BankAccount entities with UserObjects (logins) rather then Persons. This is a good security feature that only came up because some kid stole money from his mom electronically. I still can't believe he did that, though. Did he think she wouldn't find out? I mean, it's HIS MOM.

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