Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Tournament of Crap

When I was in high school I went to Toronto because my choir was in a tournament (which we won, btw) and the awards ceremony was held at Medieval Times. It was great. That was so much fun.

Las Vegas has something similar called Tournament of Kings at The Excalibur. Rachel and I decided it would be fun to go so we faced the extremely large bill (after all, it was our honeymoon) and enjoyed ourselves. They gave each person a whole rotisserie chicken. It was really good meat, I was impressed. They made you eat with your fingers, because in the Medieval Era they didn't have silverware. However, I guess they did have Pepsi - because that is what everyone was drinking.

The show was fun. It wasn't the best show in the world but I would recommend a friend to go see it once to have the experience. They had some acrobat guys come and do all sorts of flips and tricks, and they were really awesome. The sword fights seemed a bit too choreographed, but what can you expect after those poor actors have done it so many times. The whole time we just kept thinking how fun this show would have been if we were kids.

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