Thursday, March 20, 2003


Today we are at war with Iraq. Airstrikes on Baghdad continued late Thursday as U.S. forces from the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force moved into Iraq from the southeastern border with Kuwait, Pentagon sources said.

Going to war is definitely blog-worthy. I support my country and the values and morals it fights for. My prayers go out to the men and women that are stationed in the Middle East and are fighting for the cause. Hopefully, the conflict will be settled efficiently and a settlement may be expedited.

At this time I am especially concerned about my younger brother, Jared Rowell. His unit was activated about a month ago and he is currently stationed in Colorado. His mission is deployment, in other words he helps other units load and pack as they are shipping out. If his group does get sent to Iraq, I pray for his safety. This war has suddenly become personal and a bit too close for comfort. Jared, I'm proud of you!

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