Thursday, September 11, 2003

We'll miss mom

Late Tuesday night, at about midnight, my mother-in-law, Nancy Bartlett, passed away.

Needless to say, everyone is shocked and sad. We miss her terribly. The day after I took work off to stay home with Rachel. She is taking it quite well. While it's not good to dwell on the why and how it happened, I'll explain briefly. Nancy had breast cancer that was found earlier this year in its very late stages. The doctors started her on chemo right away and she has been very sick from the treatments over the last several months.

Last Saturday Nancy was out painting in her backyard and spending time with her family. On Sunday she was at church for James Bartlett's baby blessing. Then, on Monday, she started to have some really serious pain in her abdomen. The doctors supposed it was her appendix. The pain got so bad that they took her to the ICU at Utah Valley Hospital. Upon surgery it was clearly evident that she wasn't going to survive because she had a blood clot that almost completely destroyed her colon - not to mention the fact that her immune system was shot so that recovery from an operation was almost impossible.

All of the Bartlett's were able to be there to say one last goodbye. We'll miss mom. She was so loving and caring of everyone around her. Nancy's funeral will be this Saturday at 11:00.

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