Monday, February 10, 2003

What's a blog?

Being my first entry into my blog, I thought it would be fitting to put my picture. I guess this picture is already a year old (wow, time flies) but that's pretty much what I still look like:

I look at today as the beginning of a new era. (In my life, anyway) I've always wanted a way to express my feelings in writing without having to write in a journal. Journals just seem too old fashion to me. Their so inaccessible and if you ever wanted to copy something from a journal over to another medium, you have to sit there and hand-copy. Que coisa! I was talking to my friend, Carolina, and she told me about her blog. I said, "What's a blog?" She explained to me that a blog is a Web Log (web + log = blog). I was fascinated and so I've decided to start my own blog. This will be my first entry and I'll try to write in it as often as I can. I'm not quite sure yet if this is something that I will make public or if it something I will essentially keep to myself. I'd say due to the very fact that I'm just publishing it on the web on my homepage that it is public, but I suppose I could wrap some sort of authentication around my entries. For now I'm just going to write my thoughts and let anyone read them. (If anyone WANTS to read them, haha)

Anyway, I just moved into a new ward and I'm liking it so far. I bought a condo at La Jolla (#20). At first I was going to try and rent it out, but I figured this would be a good chance to live on my own. I've never lived alone before and I thought this might be a good opportunity to get to know myself a little better. Also, to finally get some peace and quiet from college life. It's pretty hard to meet new neighbors. I'm just lucky that I have a ward to go to, so I can meet the people that live around me through ward activities and church. I haven't really met any of the guys yet, but I have met about 5 girls that all are really nice. Maybe I'll have time for a social life one of these days! I've been too busy with working at Banta and The Hive to do much of anything lately.

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