Thursday, October 02, 2003

Why don't they have 3% milk?

I'm giving up whole milk. It had a good run. I've been drinking it since 1997 (if you count the stuff in Brazil 97-99 as "whole" milk. It was more like straight-cream). Yesterday I was talking to Rachel and told her that I've had enough of whole milk. It was time to downgrade to 2%.

But wait a minute - 2% is too thin. And whole is too thick. Don't they have 3%? I mean they got skim, then 1%, then 2%, ..... then WHOLE. There is this amazing gap. They like skipped a whole bunch of percents. I'm writing to the milk company today to demand 3%. I think they'd be able to sell it a lot to those of us who don't want it so creamy as whole but not as thin as 2%.

Milk is funny.

UPDATE: Today is 20 Feb 2007. I have only had skim milk for about 3 years. It seems weird to think that I thought 2% was watery.

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